What's It Gonna Be?
Time for this week's edition of 'what is it going to be?' If you have been down 191 lately, you may have seen 2 new buildings going up rather quickly I must say! Right next to Saltgrass, something is happening.
Was There A Shooting On 191 & 1788?
For those of you who called or text yesterday to make sure Leo and I were ok after the alleged gunshots here in our work neighborhood THANK YOU. If you did not, you're dead to me! I kid, I kid. lol Seriously though, we only found out about 'the possibility of an active shooter on 191 and 1…
Heads Up: 191 Is Under Construction
In case you haven't been down 191 lately or if it is not part of your daily commute, let me give you a heads up because I do travel this highway quite frequently. According to TXDot, they have begun resurfacing a portion of 191 already. I learned this the hard way the other day FYI, as you can …
This Is What Is Going Down On 191 & 1788
Another day, another who-knows-what going up near the B93 studios? In case you have not been in our area, on the corner of 191 and 1788 lately, we have neighbors. It started out with American Home Improvement a few years back when they came in right next door.
new in odessa
There are so many new establishments coming to the 4-3-2 these days, I cannot keep up with it all! Just like this whatever being built in front of Academy in Odessa, I've wondered for days what it is going to be and I've heard a couple of different restaurants?