Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Why does my LADY always get MAD every time I tell her to 'CALM DOWN'. We are newlyweds and every now and then I have to tell her to 'Calm Down' and let me tell you it TRIGGERS something in her because she gets pissed. Trust, I'm trying NOT to say it but I don't get the whole 'blow up' on those 2 words! Do you?


Michelle Lopez
So two words trigger me as well! U don’t have to be newly weds... It’s like you’re dismissing her feelings, u think she’s overacting. Let her get it out and everything will be FINE! Ok, ok!

Kimberly Boyette
Just say your sorry like this... I’m sorry baby what can I do to make things better Or hug and kiss her but don’t say calm down

Sammy Castaneda

Athena Nickole May
Sounds like both need to calm down n grow tha fk up

Stormy Self
Because it sounds like your being to dramatic to her and you are disregarding how important this seems to her..let her have her moment and then say something different

Jacob Garcia
You must have not got to know her fully before you pulled the trigger (got married).

Sonya Santos
You’re newlyweds and you have the urge to say ‘calm down’ already?! It ain’t getting any better than this...either calm yourself or walk away.
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Rebecca Hernández
Next time just walk off leave her alone if she asks why tell her so you could clam down. ‍♀️
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Ricky Licon
You can't tell a woman to calm down during an argument. You have to disguise it like "you want chicken fil a?" Or what ever her fav food is haha

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Gabriel Prieto
She crazy! Leave her asap..... if a human being can't accept 2 words without getting crazy then they're psychotic.

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