Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Hey, me and my wife just got a security system with cameras and all at the house. Question?? Anyone else feel like their significant other uses it to KEEP TABS ON THEM. LOL....I mean my wife will text me "Hey, you just got home..." or " Hey I see on the cameras you haven't left yet".... Ha ha just wondering.?

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Tina Marie Dingman
She probably gets notifications on her phone and sees it's you. I think it would be sweet. My husband wouldn't be able to work if we had cameras in the house. I wouldn't get undressed and do all my house work in my birthday suit lol. Have him all distu… See More
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Sammy Castaneda
Sounds like a guilty conscience.
However, the point of a system is to check when there’s movement, don’t get complacent, if she does become stalkerish then you may wanna keep tabs on her. … See More
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Franklin Perry
For safety yes but when it becomes possessive you're abusing the the cameras.
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Chris Garcia
She needs a hobby
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Lupita Marquez-Blanco
I need some security cameras
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Valerie L Jimenez
Lol yea but I don’t mind! We have Arlo cameras and we check on each other , we even put them inside too like when my husband worked and he wanted to see me he would check them out. No biggie
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Jacob Garcia
1. Tell her no it’s not me it’s my twin or 2. Obviously I haven’t left if you see me. 3. Get naked start dancing and slapping the camera with the D maybe her friend or co workers are watching with her that will put an end to it
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Christopher Brown
Psssst....Hey bruh....you can ALSO use the cameras. Hire a few circus clowns to come over when she's not home for like 2 weeks straight and give her NO explanation. Now is your time to shine you magnificent b*stard!
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Kristyjohnny OliverAguirre
Well if you ain't doing nothing,nothing to worry about☺️ you could start doing the same to her to‍♀️

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