Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My roommate walks around in his underwear when my girlfriend is over. I've told him to CHILL OUT on that and please show some respect when she's over. He told me it's his place too and SHE'S OVER ALL THE TIME. Me and my roommate been living together for like 4 years. Needless to say we are arguing about this and I feel like I'm right. What do you think?

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Jose Alfonso Araujo
Start hanging out at your girls house instead if he doesn’t stop. Or next time he has his woman over give him a taste of his own medicine.
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Veeyyarreal Nada LaNorra
Time to find a new place! He lacks respect

Ray Ray
Well it's house too. But, yes he needs to show some respect and not be walking around all like that. Who walks around their house in their underwear all the time. I mean I get it every now and then but to be always in your underwear is not cool. Show respect for your roommate as well has his guest.

Mira, no me gusta!

Ain't nobody want to see his JUNK all over the place in his underwear. It's not a pretty sight and you should definitely be more aware of it. When you live with peeps, you need to compromise with them.

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