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Rebecca Hernández
Yes I turn the TV on for the cats and some watch before they all fall asleep. He does that so the dog doesn't get lonely and start destroying things. No biggie dogs do watch tv after all.

Jacob Garcia
If he must have an animal and that helps them from destroying the whole F-Ing place then leave it on. Or try it one day without and see if your place is destroyed not saying it helps but I’m sure more so than it doesn’t

Lori Cervantez
I heard there is a YouTube channel called dog TV just for dogs .. so get over it girl...

Dalila Ontiveros
I dont see the big deal. Let it be

Alexus Peralez
Lol I actually do this EVERY TIME I leave the house. My dog actually enjoys it.

Jose Gonzalez
Yes I leave it on. I want the commercial of the SPCA come on and show her she had it good.

Erin Jammer
I turn my TV on every morning for my dog

Clarence Whittum
We turn it on so our furbaby feels like she is not alone. It helps to eliminate separation anxiety.

Kirsten Hungle
I have left tv’s on.... I leave the radio on for my pets all the time

Dani Garcia
We leave the tv on for our dogs as well anytime we leave the house. Their favorite movie is a dogs journey and iron will.

Stormi Hernandez
How old are these people that write in. Most of these questions sound like they are straight outta high school.

Manuel Palma
So they can Learn!!!

Tessa Rowell
Um.. thats completely normal. Most pet owners do.

Ale Betances
So this is a big deal why? my kids leave the tv on for no one and I don’t complain. Let the little guy enjoy his shows

Evelyn Armendariz Rodriguez
Amanda Sosa does Lulu get to chill with the tv on lol

Amanda Sosa
Evelyn Armendariz Rodriguez not while we’re at work haha but if I know we will only be gone for an hour or two, I’ll put on a dog movie for her secret life of pets is her favorite

Evelyn Armendariz Rodriguez
Amanda Sosa oh gosh that’s too funny!

Isabel Morales Saenz
Lili Morales does this!

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Ricky Barrientes
My ex took a dog to the pound cause it didn't listen. It spoke only Spanish and watched novellas. We didn't know til it was too late

Christopher Brown
My boy can't watch his stories? How else he posed to find out what happens to Marlena?

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