Because of the unfortunate incident that occurred at the resort in Florida, with the 2 year old, many people are compelled to tell their own personal story about their experience at similar resorts. Back in February, several people from here in our building took a trip to Florida for our CMN conference. We stayed at a resort with a lake smack dab in the middle as well. 

Every morning and evening when we would go to and from the main building where our CMN meetings were held, we walked around said lake on the sidewalk provided, where the only thing separating us from the water and walk way was a patch of grass. I can honestly say that NEVER did it dawn on me there might be alligators in that water. Therefore, I completely sympathize with the family that lost their child.

They too just went to enjoy a nice vacation, with family, at a beautiful resort, where things of that nature are not top of mind. No doubt they were on what some would call a 'once in a lifetime trip' and were too wrapped up in the excitement of Disney and being in Florida to worry about alligator infested waters. I didn't.

Oddly enough I remembered that I had taken a panoramic photo on my IPhone and when I looked back through my pictures and saw it, I was taken back by how easily that could have been my coworkers and I or we could have witnessed a family or child doing what that innocent, little boy did on that fateful day. Take a look a the photo for yourself and note that at least from what I can tell, there are no 'watch for alligator or no swimming' signs.