It is Valentine's Day, so much to look forward to today! Is your better half going to send you flowers? Will you be treated to a nice dinner? Maybe a box of heart shaped chocolates? My 3 year old brought up something rather interesting when she asked if I would get Valentine's at work? 

Keep in mind, her idea of a 'Valentine' is the little cards you exchange with all of your friends. She thinks mommy is going to come home from work with a little box full like she will be getting from her preschool. I thought about it, I do miss getting those little cards. lol Not that we can't buy a box and pass them out for fun at work, but wouldn't it be cool if everyone participated like we did back in our school days? That is one of favorite childhood memories for sure! Just for the record, I did receive a 'Shopkins' Valentine from my daughter today...she even seems to have written Hi on it. Not bad for a little 3 year old girl.

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