Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My WIFE TO BE has put 'NO KIDS' on our wedding invitations. And she told me she plans on TURNING AWAY guest that bring kids to the wedding at the door! I thought she was kidding , but she isn't.  I'm getting a little concerned about this. What do I do?


Here is what the 432 had to say about it....

Tay Lechuga


Went to a wedding once like this
And to be honest it's up to the bride it's not ur wedding. It's hers so I feel like if she don't want kids there then let her have no kids there


Unpopular opinion...weddings are for adults. I've never known a child that enjoyed a wedding. They get bored, and then cranky. Guests can hire a sitter. If someone brings kids after seeing the disclaimer on the invitation, they should be turned away.


It’s her wedding. If she said no kids allowed then don’t bring them or don’t come.

Ray Ray
Well, it is her DAY! Her wedding. She don't want kids there than that needs to be grated. Happy Bride, Happy Life!

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