Good Morning Leo! How about a CRAMP in your calf? That's what my body was telling me. I get CRAMPS in my legs all the time. I always have. And, yes, get awoken from a dead sleep with a CRAMP totally sucks! And, answer me this why do cramps happen right when the alarm is about to go off. LOL This always happens to me.

So, yes, I have dealt with this for a while and I HAVE MY REMEDIES!

1) Strecth YOUR Toes Towards Your Face
Yes, this is my go to! If I ever get a cramp the first thing I do is point my toes towards my face. The cramp usually goes away after that. It's a lifesaver for me! LOL

2) Get UP and WALK IT OUT!
Yes, if the 'toe pointing' doesn't work than I usually need to get up and GET MOVING. Walking around usually will also help the cramp go away for me.

3) Take A Tablespoon of MUSTARD
This one is crazy. Yes, I know it sounds crazy and MAYBE IT'S ALL IN MY HEAD. But, someone once told me that taking a tablespoon of MUSTARD will help the cramps subside. Maybe it has to do with somehting in mustard, but you kow what it has helped sometimes. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but GOOGLE it. LOL It sometimes works for me.

4) Rub It Out or Place Some Cream or Foam on Leg

Creams like a 'sports cream' or leg cramp 'foams' have worked for me , but hoenslty not as much as the other methods I have used. But, hey that's just me.

Look, I'm NO DOCTOR and this is what only works for me. Make sure to consult your doctor. And , good luck with your cramps! TRUST I know! By the way BANANAS don't work for me. LOL

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