Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, I'm going back and forth with this lady on Facebook and we are into each other. Question...Is it rude to ask for a RECENT PHOTO? She has 2 photos published, literally, and you can tell they are way old. She doesn't want to meet up yet, but I would really like a RECENT pic....is that rude?

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Efren Valenzuela
Ask her to face time you

Irene Gutierrez
It's a man 👨

Lauren Ashley H
Isn't there a thing called facetime or video chat???

Josieandramon Bustos
No,not rude be safe buddy you don't know her plus she could be some 30 year old named chuck who lives in his moms basement😂😂😂

Rebecca Hernández
You should had done that from day 1 recent pic or video.

Jacob Garcia
I’ll cut straight to the point... She’s not real dude!!!

Jonjon Djtiny Baeza
I mean no one likes being cat fished!!

Maria Ruiz Prieto
Catfish!! Lol

Rox Pantoja
Its 2021 if U can't get a picture then ya should know its probably la llorona on the other side. 🙈. Everything is up 2 date theres nothing you can hide.

Elias Gomez

Albert Tarango
What kinda weirdo are you?! People don't meet IRL nowadays!!!

Carlos Serrano
CATFISH 2021 is real

Jenny Penny Freeman
Don't go so fast your only chatting.

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Gabriel Prieto

Christopher Brown
Hell no! This ain't no romantic comedy. She say she look like Janet Jackson and roll up lookin like Freddy Jackson. Don't eva....eva....EVA EVA EVA EVA.....come by here....ok?

Greg Franco
Someone's getting catfished!

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