Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Okay, I made the MISTAKE of saying thet my EX looks like Matthew McConaughey. Yep, now every time a Matthew show or movie comes on , we can't watch it. We laugh about this and there is no drama with this, BUT my man still sure enough will not LET US watch anything Matthew. Please tell me I'm not the only one to ever go thru this SILLY thing???. Ha ha, I tell him why so insecure? LOL

Here's what the 432 Had To Say About It

Jose Araujo
Seems like ya ex is living rent free in your new mans headhe needs to grow up

Kimberly Boyette
Been through it‍♀️ not trying to be mean but he needs to grow up or grow more because it’s not that serious.

Top Fan
Heather Cadena Fuentes
Tell your man to stop being such a girl!

Top Fan
Maxine Barriga

Top Fan
Chon Rodriguez
He needs to stop being a little bitch. It doesn’t matter what an ex looked like. They are with you now and for a good reason. Don’t fuck it up because of jealousy. I couldn’t be in a relationship where there’s petty rules like that.

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