As you guys know, B93 hooks you up with a full day of back in the day jams every Friday. 99.99999999999% of what we hear is positive. You guys love Back in the Day Friday as much as we do. However, there's no way you like every single song that gets played. We always hear what everyone's favorites are but we never hear which old school jams you guys absolutely can't stand. I personally have a few I never cared off so I'll start us off.

I have never liked The Kissing Game. There's just something kinda creepy to me about kids singing love songs. It just doesn't seem right to me. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against all 90's kid music. Kriss Kross has and always will be my jam. Dude, the Looney Tunes dressed up all gangsta with their clothes on backwards because of them. I don't think I know anyone back in the 90's who didn't have a white T Shirt with a Looney Tunes character on it wearing  the back pockets of their jeans in the front.

What's your least favorite Back in the Day Jam?

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