Alright ladies, I'm all about trying to help out my fellow divas! I'm like most women who like to pamper themselves with a regular mani/pedi and am known for trying out different designs and color combo's so I was excited about my 'New Year's' nail design!

Well you know how your regular nail person is always trying to get you to try new things and add a little more bling here and there? Mine did. Notice the ring finger (that needs a fill by now and solar oil-lol) with the sugar-looking crystals on it? Those are Swarovski crystals that I just had to have because they were so 'pretty and blingy!' 

Ladies, a word to the wise....DON'T DO IT! JUST SAY NO! Why? Because they get caught in everything! Washing my hair is a pain, putting on clothes is a pain, getting my 4 year old dressed is hard because I scratch her with those 'pretty crystals' and I'm ruining my own clothes! lol They look pretty but I can tell you I won't do it again. Just a little advice next time you wanna get fancy. lol

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