'Two all beef patties, SPECIAL SAUCE, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.' Remember that little ditty from McDonald's from way back in the day? How much do we love McDonald's and their 'special sauce' on those Big Mac's? So much that I think that's what we may have for dinner tonight because now it's stuck in my head. lol 

McDonald's announced that they are giving away 10,000 bottles of that special sauce. I've always heard the sauce is Thousand Island dressing with a few extra ingredients mixed in.

But before you head out to the local McDonald's in search of it, we've checked into it and we're not one of the places where you can get a bottle of that special sauce. You've got to go all the way to San Antonio in hopes of that. But, you can still get it on your burgers and try out the new Big Mac sizes.