Some mornings you hear Leo and I talk about Mattress Firm on the morning show. That is because we recently became the proud owners of Tempur-Pedic King split beds. From my experience, this was the best decision I EVER made! Not only is the mattress the most comfortable I have ever slept on, I cannot remember a time I've slept so well in my life. 

I also have an 'adjustable base' which means I can adjust my side to my liking and my boo can do the same, (plus we have the vibration option as well). I like to read in bed and that means I adjust/raise my side of the bed enough to be elevated to read my books. My boo or even my children can raise their side to watch some tv which is what they normally do. Or if one of us wants to go to bed, bring that side down and the other will not be disturbed.

They say you are supposed to buy a new mattress every 8 years so if it's time for you to do so, head to Mattress Firm. They took very good care of us and they will do the same for you.  You can lie down on every single mattress in the place if you would like to until you find the very best fit for yourself. Stop by any one of the Mattress Firm locations at 6155 Andrews Highway in Odessa, 4400 Midland Drive in Midland and 2510 N. Loop 250 in Midland.