For the past couple of weeks, you have probably heard Leo and I talk about our new Mattress Firm mattresses. I, personally cannot say enough good about this mattress and I guarantee I will never go back to what I had before! I'm a mattress snob now. lol

Hey, when it comes to good sleep, you should be. I found that the older I get, a good night's sleep is few and far between, especially if you have children. With my new Mattress Firm mattress, I have overslept twice, which made me late for work and find myself sleeping through the night, something I haven't done in years! Mattress Firm has 3 locations for you to visit: 6155 Highway 191 in Odessa, 4400 Midland Dr. in Midland and where we got our mattresses, 2510 N. Loop 250 in Midland. Stop by and ask for the mattress that Rebecca got recently they will point you in the right direction.