So we had a conversation in the workplace today and I thought to myself, why should I keep my 'weirdness' to myself? Why not share it with the world? lol I'll blog it! You know how 'water cooler talk' gets sometimes, you really get to know the people you work with and in this building, after this morning, there are a couple of people that think I'm a weirdo! lol 

It's all good. I'll own it because I happen to know a few people just like me with similar likes. And with that I give you '5 weird things about ME':

  • I like to peel sunburns
  • I like pimple porn
  • I watch Dateline, Snapped, any kind of true crime show
  • I'm an obsessive-compulsive hand washer lol I HATE for my hands to be dirty!
  • I get crazy, bad car sick on road trips