For some of us, a bath is the best way to clean ourselves after a long day of work. Honestly, it makes a lot of sense doesn't it? A long soak in the tub for a while is just relaxing thought now that we ponder it.

But as weird as it sounds, there are other types liquids that individuals that chose to bathe in other than water. It might be hard to imagine something other than water to take a bath in, but there are.

So now that attention has been brought to potential other baths, what exactly could we be talking about? Well in Waco, there's one place where instead of water, you can bathe in something others would rather drink. We're talking!?

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Pivovar Has A What Kind Of Bath Now?

A beer bar sounds kind of...not enjoyable does it? I mean first off beer is rather sticky isn't. Also how exactly would that smell as you walk smelling like...well you know alcohol.

Yet according to Pivovar, the beer yeast itself provides great benefits to our skin. The details provided state the yeast helps with smoothing out wrinkles as well as providing better overall hydration. Which sounds kind of weird doesn't it?

I mean sitting in beer helps with hydration rather than drinking it?

Before you even take the beer bath, Pivovar even suggests, to get the most out of the bath, to not take any showers within 12 hours of partaking in the beer bath. Not only that, but individuals should repeat the bath every month if their immune system allows.

So now the question remains...would you take a beer bath? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our FREE station app!

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