Is it just me or are other cat owners convinced they their cat is trying to murder them? Look at that crazy look in her eyes. Let's not even discuss the fact that she somehow JUMPED up to the top shelf of the closet which is about 8 ft off the ground. Not to mention the fact that I spent a good portion of getting ready for work this morning thinking I was going insane because every time I would walk into my closet to grab something, I would hear a cat casually meow and spend the next 5 minutes looking for the cat in my closet. I don't want cat hair on my clothes so the cat isn't allowed in the closet. . .and she knows this. She knew what she was doing and thought it was funny watching me search for her. just look at how chilled out she's just laying there as if to say, "Look at this idiot looking for me on the ground."

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