We love our furry babies out here in Texas. We treat our little friends more like children than pets. My family showers our dog, Rocket, with unconditional love. In fact, his name is on the list of perfect Texas-themed dog names you'll see below.

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My little Rocket was named after the Houston Rockets. When I saw this awesome article from one of our sister stations in Maine, I got to thinking - who else has named their pet after something or someone that's iconic in the Lone Stare State?

50 Texas-Inspired Pet Names That Are Way Too Adorable

Inspired by a friend Chantel in Maine, we made a list of Texas-themed names that would be perfect for fur babies in the Lone Star State. Because it's Texas, and everything has to be bigger, we went for 50 instead of 40. Do you have ideas for Texasy pet names that we missed? Tap the Chat button in our free app to let us know.

Gallery Credit: Piggie Harris, Townsquare Media

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Gallery Credit: Piggie Harris, Townsquare Media

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