How to Blow Your Cat's Mind.
These are my stupids. Their hobbies include being stupid, stupiding, and the pursuit of stupid. While I love them, they aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.
Their stupid names are KiKi and Nala. No, if you were wondering, I did not in fact choose their stupid names...
Is it Just Me?
Is it just me or are other cat owners convinced they their cat is trying to murder them? Look at that crazy look in her eyes. Let's not even discuss the fact that she somehow JUMPED up to the top shelf of the closet which is about 8 ft off the ground...
What Would Your Pet Name You?
Bare with me on this one. I know it's kind of ridiculous but I think this has potential to be pretty funny. I'm kind of wondering if cat people and dog people share similarities in what they think their pets would name them or if they'll be completely different...
looking for a pet?
Are you looking for a pet? Maybe you are trying to teach your kids some responsibility, especially during the summer months, or maybe they are bugging you for a new dog or cat? You must check out the Midland Humane Coalition, with the adorable dogs and cats they have looking for new homes.
It's National Cat Day!
Cats rule and dogs drool! Actually I like both but in honor of national cat day I'm inclined to give our feline friends mad props.
It seems very fitting that this time of year would be dedicated to our agile balls of claws and crazy. Halloween is definitely a cat time of year for obvious reasons…
cat & mouse
I have a debate I need settled. Do cats eat mice? For real, such a simple, silly  question but inquiring minds want to know? Here's the sitch:we have a mouse/rat problem in our building. Leo and I have talked about it on our morning show plenty of times so we decided to try to remedy the s…
The Most Annoying Sound EVER-Do You Agree?
I have been dealing with the most annoying sound EVER for the past few weeks. Honestly, if you don't agree with it being the most annoying, there is something wrong with you. lol Apparently I have a couple of cats whose 'secret meeting place' is outside my night.