Here in the 432 there's one thing we definitely have an abundance of. MILFS! Chances are, if you're a single guy who lives here and you're over the age of 24, the girl you're crushin' on has a kiddo or 2.

Now I'm not trying to appeal to the fellas just trying to tap n go. Chances are, if she's the kind of girl who wouldn't see through that then you don't need anything special to get what you want.

This is for the truly special ladies in the 432 who didn't find an equally special guy the first time around, and you as a man are looking to correct that. If you want her, the kiddos come with the deal. I get it, and I got your back pimpin'. Here are a few things you could do with your potential lady love and her kiddos in the 432.

1. Take them to Fiddlesticks Farms. It's a 432 tradition and kids LOVE it.

2. Paw Patrol at the Wagner Noel November 1st. If her kids are 8 and under, you can rest assured that they will lose their minds over you taking them to this.

3. Minime's Fall Fest October 28th in Gardendale. If you haven't heard of it, look up the event. It really does sound like a lot of fun. Haunted Carriage ride...nuff said.

4. Barnes and Nobles usually has a story reading on the weekends. Kids love it and it gives you chance to talk to mommy in a nice quiet adult style setting over a frappuccino or coffee.

5. Come on bro, take them trick or treating and looking at Halloween decorations then after the kiddos are worn out, you put them to bed and watch a scary movie with mom. #sealthedeal


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