Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I guess I haven't made GATE CODE status! My MAN will not give me the Gate Code to his apartment to get in. We've been gong out for a while and I'm always over there BUT nope....I've asked and he says don't' worry about it. I know it's not a big deal, at least I hope it's not, but it bothers me a little. Why is he hesitant on this?


Jennifer Lee Sanchez
Depends how long you have been dating for. I personally wouldn't give out a gate code stalkers are real and some people are bitter after break ups. It's really not a big deal chill out and enjoy the ride.
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Ben Hight
Security reasons. Most apartments have a provision in the lease that you can't give it out, and if you do that they can evict you.
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Bee Ninetythree
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Eloy Gerardo Gonzalez
Hack the code lol....jk he has no trust in you and thats a fact so if no trust there is no love he just satisfying his needs so move on continue pleasing him or find one that dont have gate codes lmao
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Harold Fuller
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Orlando N Patricia Hinds
You're not on the lease, dont worry about it.
#practicesquad 😂
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Ismael DjIce Arenivas
If it's not a big deal, don't worry about it.
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Lauren Ashley H
What is awhile? Few or couple months? Maybe he doesn't want you popping up unannounced.
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Robert Brown
Pretty sure he's Batman and he doesn't want you walking in on him exiting the Batcave. Does he happen to have an old dude named Alfred over all the time?
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Lynn Sullivan
I dunno gate codes I never had one but I’d be more worried about someone having a real key. I think gate codes are just more to keep ugly bad people just out of the lil community.
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Moses Cervantez
Have you offered him a key to your place yet?? Probably not. The door swings both ways

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