Parents if you're like me, since you have been home with your kids 24/7, no school, working from home, you're probably starting to notice things you never did before. For instance, I realized that neither of my kids drink enough water. Juice boxes, punch, anything BUT H2O. I decided I needed to do something about it. 

That's when I discovered these little gems, Starburst flavored singles. I'm telling you, we have and have tried all flavors of these little singles...grape, orange, fruit punch, root beer, you name it, we have it! However, these for whatever reason for my kids are the bomb.

They love them and will put them in their water and actually finish several bottles of water in a DAY. I thought I would share with any parents who may be having the same issue, that their kids need to drink more water. Zero sugar and several different Starburst flavors it's a win-win!

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