Shout Out The One Who Has Helped Me Get Through 2020
I would like to give a big shout and thank you to the one who has really helped me get through the year that is 2020. The one who has stuck by me, been there for me, never let me down and can really comfort me on my worst day. I'm sure we all have the ONE in our lives and it is a great feeling.…
If Your Kids Are Like Mine-Try These!
Parents if you're like me, since you have been home with your kids 24/7, no school, working from home, you're probably starting to notice things you never did before. For instance, I realized that neither of my kids drink enough water. Juice boxes, punch, anything BUT H2O. I decided I need…
Can’t Do Without This On The Daily
This right here is the one thing I cannot do without on the daily. Some peeps need coffee, others can't get enough water, I need my Diet Dr Pepper. 1 a day, everyday. My day is not complete without it. Is that bad? lol
If These Are Around By The Time This Posts Get One!
I must admit I'm all the about the latest, coolest, prettiest, tastiest drinks at Starbucks. If someone says 'it's so pretty,' then you can bet I'm standing in line to get one! lol Thus was the case with the new Crystal Ball Frappuccino.
starbucks drink
'Hey Beccccca!' That's my name on that there Starbucks cup that you see obviously. I'm telling you right now I am a total Frappuccino girl! The closer it is to a milkshake, the more I like it. lol So, therefore my 'usual' is a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino or Java Chip Frap.