Don’t Drink The Water In My Hometown
I read this story about my hometown and was not the least bit surprised. Apparently one of the water wells that supplies water to the city tested positive for E. coli. Ewwwww. But bacteria in the water is the reason that my family has not been drinking faucet water for years.
If Your Kids Are Like Mine-Try These!
Parents if you're like me, since you have been home with your kids 24/7, no school, working from home, you're probably starting to notice things you never did before. For instance, I realized that neither of my kids drink enough water. Juice boxes, punch, anything BUT H2O. I decided I need…
Who Remembers Willy Water Bug?
In case you missed it on Leo and Rebecca in the Morning this morning we talked about the ways our parents entertained us during the summer. We didn't have half of the things our kids do these days and definitely not as fancy or expensive! This little gem popped in my head and thanks to an aweso…