Wow I remember like it was yesterday, that I would play outside 7 days a week, all day long with the neighborhood kids and we would all get thirsty. We would hit up one of our houses for a 'drink' which usually consisted of nothing but....water. In which case one of our mom's would say just turn on the water hose and you all can drink from there or better yet, here's one glass of water, you all share. Good times....

These days however, that is unheard of! I have never told any of my children, 'just drink water from the hose or get a class of water from the sink.' Why? Because it's no longer safe. In fact, it never really was. All of those years of drinking 'faucet water' as a kid has already done some damage I'm sure.

According to the MRT, 'Midland ranks at the bottom of the list for water quality.' Is anyone surprised? Not really. I have a friend who will not wash clothes at certain times of the month for fear that certain chemicals they put in our water during those times will ruin his clothes. He says many a shirt has been ruined, as if he dumped straight bleach on it or something.

As I got a little older, my parents grew a tad bit more concerned and would say tell me not to drink the water anymore and in our household forget it. We stay stocked up on bottled water. Many of my family and friends opted for an R.O. system. Gone are the days where we thought our water was safe to drink.
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