Okay I have to admit something. I was this year old when I discovered I did not know how to use a manual can opener .My better half brought this to my attention when we were opening some cans recently and asked for a can opener. Naturally, I brought him an electric can opener, which is legit all I've ever had and used in my adult life. He was thinking I was going to bring a manual one since that is what most people have. 

Growing up no doubt, my mother always used a manual can opener, but she never showed me how to use one. In fact, I was not allowed to open cans because it was 'dangerous' for a little kid (me) to use one. When it was time for me to be out on my own, my mother bought me my very first can opener and she bought me electric. So technically it's not my fault. 

I do however now know what to do with a manual can opener. And my man bought me one so I shall use it from time to time. Full disclosure, I also recently bought myself a Magic Bullet blender and had no clue how to use that either? Another story for another day. Surely I am not the only one who does not know how to use regular household items? Maybe I should do a how-to video series for those who, like me are learning how to use simple things for the first time. lol


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