Ok I did it. I jumped on the go-ahead-and-put-up-the-Christmas-tree-in-mid-November bandwagon this week and I have to admit, I like it! My kids were pretty excited to learn that we were not waiting until after Thanksgiving like we normally do and also that we were changing up the decorations on our tree this year as well. You don't even have to know me on a personal level to know that I absolutely LOVE turquoise (I talk about it on the radio all the time)....

not only is it my birthstone, I have it in one of my tattoos, wear something turquoise daily and have always wanted turquoise decorations on my tree and this year I went for it! Here is a glimpse of my new tree and if you were looking for a sign as to whether or not to drag yours out of storage and put it up this weekend, here it is! I promise it will put a smile on the face of every single member of your household.

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