Let's call this the 'you know you love your kids when.....' blog. This girl stayed busy over the holidays and I'm not talking about the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It had nothing to do with Christmas shopping, wrapping or baking. My teenage son's Christmas gift was a new room. 'A big boy room' because he had outgrown his old one. 

My task over the holidays was to get the old one cleaned out and start fresh and new. Including doing something that I HATE to do, with a passion..paint. My child got a fresh coat (or 2) of paint in his new room and that's when you know I loooooove him. lol Even when I was at the store picking out colors, I thought to myself, 'am I really doing this?' Let me clarify, my idea of painting in the past has always been grabbing a couple of cans of spray paint and going to town. (I get that from my momma)

Did I grab painter's tape, mark off baseboards and corners nice and neat before we got started? Slap on a coat of primer? All a big nope. When I say I painted, I did the absolute least amount of work I could, just to get by. I thought since I had not painted in a very long time, I might actually enjoy doing it now...also nope. I probably need the name of some peeps who do it professionally, who are actually good at it and who enjoy it from now on, because my painting days are ovah.

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