Phones can do so much these days and trust, I have mine with me all the time so there's nothing more aggravating then watching that battery just drain like crazy!

I know to switch off apps (on an iphone, hit the Home button twice and then swipe upward), but I had heard about these apps that are supposed to save your battery.

Well, after some research, I found out a lot of those don't work too well. I then found out that you can actually see what apps are using up all your battery.

All you have to do is go to Settings and then click on Battery

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It'll bring up whether you want to put it on low battery mode (saves your battery until you can get to a charger) and it'll show you how much of the battery each app on your phone has been using.

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Now you can see what apps are using the most power and especially if some are draining your battery with background activity. You can then switch off background activity on some apps or delete the ones you're not using.

Hope this tip helps you save a little more battery as you're out and about.