I have never really thought of this, but today I did. LOL

How much of a dollar bill can be torn and still be good?

Have you ever received torn money before? We probably all have. Today I ran some errands and noticed that one of the dollar bills was torn. No biggie, it's happened before. But, it got me to thinking about how much of a bill can be torn and still be considered valid?

So, I googled it. And of course got an answer,


There it is, You can tear half a dollar bill and it still be good. But, as I was reading I found out that not only a dollar bill, but ANY BILL!

Quora states on their website.....

Normally, so long as you have more than half of the bill, you can easily exchange it at the bank or via a request with the US Dept of the Treasury. They also handle extreme cases of bank notes being altogether burned up or otherwise all but destroyed, and still redeem then after an evaluation process to determine how much money was involved.

What I also found out in ready different websites is that you should really TAKE the damaged bill to a bank to get it redeemed. And, as long as the serial numbers can be read you should be good to go on the exchange for a new bill of the same amount.

MMMMmmmm, I hve r3ckeived plenty of taped ;up bills in the past, and from this information , it looks like there are valid.

What kid of look do yo give people who give you torn up money? LOL Interesting info for the day!

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