Leo and Rebecca BUZZ Question - Straight up I MESSED UP! But, I wanna know...HOW MUCH in the Dog House AM I with my current girlfriend for TEXTING MY EX Happy Birthday! Look, me an my ex had a long 6 year relationship and parted on good terms and I really wasn't thinking when I sent the text. Yes, my new woman just found out and I really just want to know HOW BAD IS IT GOING TO BE? LOL

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Mario Juarez
You'll just be down graded from getting a good lunch packed for work to lunchables.. at least that's what I got ...

Maxine Barriga
So she just found out ... why not tell her before you did it? Because you knew it was wrong! Sad and Wrong.

Kirsten Hungle
I message all my exes happy birthday. Not a big deal to me... but am also Not the jealous type

Brandon Alvarado
You’re single now my guy

Rebecca Hernández
So I'm guessing it's ok for your girl to be on Good terms to her x and to be wishing him happy Birthday also it's all good she'll just get even better yet you just opened that door you shouldn't have. Ummm wth do you still have her number!!!???

Kimberly Boyette
Depends on the female and her experience and trust strength. Good Luck.

Ozzy Rodriguez
Pretty bad big dawg your new girl ain’t going to trust you now

Top Fan
Dee Dominguez
Good luck dawg she gonna b bringing it up all the damn time
Example: oh well go tell ur birthday girl or idk tell ur ex since u still want to text her

Angel Borunda
Depends on what kind of gift you giving your ex

Jessica Forbush Tarango
GIF may contain Bye Rihanna and Take Care

Jonjon Djtiny Baeza
get ready for a joint Facebook account

Top Fan
Ana Torres
Depends on the woman. If it were me, I'd tell you you're single.
GIF may contain jack, facts, fact, truth, truths, reality and Thats A Fact

Top Fan
Ricky Barrientes
Honestly it depends on the level of severity of her personality disorder(s)

Joe Hernandez Jr.
I think you will be have a lonely Memorial day weekend!

Greg Franco
She'll get over it. Lol
GIF may contain Joey, Friends, shrug, maybe, I Dont Know and Matt Le Blanc

Eduardo Robles
She’s an EX for a reason my guy.
You done messed up A-A-Ron!!

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