It's SUMMER 21 in the 432!
School's just about OUT! The heat is rising and what the heck is there to do?
Hey, if you look closely, you will find some great and fun tings to do here during the summer.
Don't let the kids get bored this summer. Set up some fun things to do like this!


Who's up for some putt putt golf? The great thing about playing putt putt is that is 100 percent fun and you don't every have to take the game seriously. Does it matter who really wins? I don't think so!

What's Different About Lunar Golf?

Well, everything GLOWS IN THE DARK! Now, how cool is that? Again, does it really matter how many shots it takes to put the awesome GREEN glowing golf ball into the hole? I don't think so. in fact the more the merrier! It just looks so awesome!  The atmosphere alone of everything 'glowing in the dark' is pretty much worth the experience of 'golfing in the dark'.

Where is LUNAR GOLF here in the 432?

Lunar Golf is located inside the Midland Park Mall just down from the food court.

What time are they open?

According to their Facebook, here are the hours.

Monday-Thursday 12-8

Friday 12-9

Saturday 10-9

Sunday 12-6

What else do they offer?

How cool is this, yes you can have a birthday party there!

And, they also offer special group rates!

MAKE SURE TO VISIT THEIR WEBSITE HERE and get ready to have fun this Summer 21!

Make sure to check them out when walking the Midland Park Mall. You can't miss them!

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