You hear him on the Slow Jam show on B93 Monday thru Thursday and on Sunday Nite Slow Jams. R Dub has been an important part of B93 for a while now.
So, when he gets passionate about something, we listen. Something you may not know about R Dub is that he travels....a lot! In his travels he sees many things. On one of his last ventures, he was touched by a certain village. Here is what he wrote to me..

I visited Africa in December and it changed my life, in so many ways. I came back to the USA a different person.

What do I need from you??? There is a village in Africa that does not have clean drinking water. My friends there must walk miles just to reach an impure water source...what a nightmare.

So this Valentine's Day, instead of buying diamonds and gold, I'm pooling all my resources into building a well so my friends can have clean water. Will you help?

I don't care if it's one dollar! Did you know that If YOU and every one of my affiliate PD's contributed just $20, we'd be able to bring a well to this village.

So, I have two Can you chip in at least a buck?

And two: Can you share this project with all your listeners on B93's Facebook, Twitter, etc?
All you have to do is share THIS


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