Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, I'm dating this guy that I'm SO INTO! It's been a month and things are really good , but he threw something at me the other night that has me thinking. He pretty much said BEFORE OUR RELATIONSHIP GOES ANY FURTHER JUST TELLING YOU that be bestfriend is a WOMAN and she's my ride or die and will be forever. Not gonna lie, I don't know if I want to JUMP into something like this. And, what is he really trying to say?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it!

Irene Gutierrez
He is saying if he has to choose between you and her its going to be HER duhhhhh

Michelle Haney
It’s still early in y’alls relationship so I get where he’s got her as a ride or die. But if you guys get extremely serious and that’s still how he feels I don’t know that I could handle that. And if it’s a couple phone calls and appropriate texts no biggie. But if they are always hanging out and no time for you, don’t lower your standards and allow that.

Chon Rodriguez
He saying his best friend he would do anything for it’s like a sister to him. One of my BF is a female. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her I love her. But friends is where it stays. He just wants you to know there may be times she needs help et… See More

Joe Hernandez Jr.
overly obsessed girlfriend - Girlfriend

Stormy Self
Well just tell him your BFF is a guy and your ride or die also !! And if it is not good for you to have it that way then ..run

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