When my oldest was a little guy, I remember every single time we went to the Music City Mall in Odessa he always wanted to 'go see the ice.' That was over 20 years ago that he began his fascination with the ice rink and zamboni. lol If you have ever had the pleasure of skating on the ice one afternoon or weekend or even having a birthday party at the Music City Mall ice rink, consider yourself lucky because right now it is not operating and the future of MCM Ice hangs in the balance. 

According to, Larry Langford a skating instructor at MCM Ice,

"About three weeks ago the refrigeration system, the compressors, they just died. After all these years they finally died. When you don't have any refrigeration you go from an ice rink, to a wading pool, to concrete."

The problem is, where do they go from here? From what I understand, it is not yet crystal clear whether MCM Ice has a future here in the 432. The expense, the time it would take for repairs, other possible options for something to be put in it's place are all being considered at the moment.

According to NewsWest 9, a spokesperson for Music City Mall says that 'they are in the process of getting bids to determine next steps for the ice rink.'

The Odessa Jackalopes have even started a petition online to 'save the Odessa hockey rink.' They would like for Music City Mall to keep the ice rink right where it is and make the necessary repairs so that they can continue practices for their hockey players.
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