Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - I don't want to sound like a GRINCH, but my husband's FEMALE co-worker picked one of my Christmas gifts. How do I know?, the other day I went to his work and she asked IF I LIKED IT ...'because I helped him pick it out". I guess what bugged me is that she REALLY was all about the fact that she helped my husband. He usually gives me a couple of gifts before Christmas. I don't know why it rubbed me the wrong way, but it did....


Stacie DeLeon King
Grow up. He got help BUYING YOU A GIFT from a female co-worker. He literally bought you a gift and asked a female for her opinion, probably to be sure you would like it. Then, she even asked you about it because they obviously have nothing to hide. … See More
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Kristal Martinez
Honey please! Get over it! Maybe he needed help getting you a gift and needed to ask another woman. If I needed help getting a guy a gift, I'm going to ask another guy. What's the big deal?? Take it and that's it. By the end of day he comes home to you… See More
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Ana Torres
She's doing too much, that's why it bugs you. I wouldn't want to be close friends with a married man, but because I wouldn't want a woman to be close friends to mine lol
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Heather Cadena Fuentes
I don’t know why it rubbed you the wrong way either Petty Penny!
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Cisco Castillo
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Mike Perez
Did she go shopping with him?
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Jacob Garcia
Calm down Karen. Maybe he just gave her 2 choices of what he was going to get you and she happened to pick that one of the 2. No big deal
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