🎧 Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question- Hey guys, I'm about to move in with a friend. She's looking for a roommate and this whole situation will be helpful and awesome for me. BUT, there is only 1 catch. She told me she has 5 DOGS! Wow, I've never even owned 1 dog. Um, it's a great opportunity for me...but 5 dogs??? What am I getting myself into.?

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Sammy Castaneda
You know what you r getting into, make your choice based on that. You can’t expect someone to cater to your needs so have to be willing to put up with the dogs. Obviously
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Jenn E Carrillo
Dogs are great lil security guards!
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Emilia Hunt
Most dogs are better then ppl anyways!
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Becky Lola
I have 4 dogs at home. If people don't like dogs then they can just not come over. You either like dogs or you don't. If your already worried then maybe you shouldn't move in.
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Villarreal Nora
If you're not much of a dog person, u need to really think about it
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Chloè Newton
I have 5 dogs....so much love and protection!!!
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Efren Valenzuela
You better get used to the smell of dog pee and poop !! Another thing it not your place it’s the dogs place
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Cisco Castillo

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Christel Yvette
Dogs r awsume!
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Mo Cervantez
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Athena Nickole May

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