I know I'm not the only one that does this. I go for the bread, I grab my slices of bread, then I tie the bread bag in a knot. What happened to the bread tie? I don't know LOL. Am I the only one that seems to lose the bread tie to the bag of bread? And you know, it's really not the fact that I'm losing the bread ties once I open up the bag of bread. I just seem to TIE th ebag in a knot!. Look, you're either a KNOT in BAG type of person or a Bread Tie type. I'm SO a TIE THE KNOT type of person.

Oh, yes.... it drives the rest of my family nuts. I've been told so many times, the BREAD TIE is there for a reason. I don't know when I started this habit. Maybe, it was when I was a kid but honestly I kind of feel like it was more of an adult thing. In other words, my mom would always tell me use the bread tie to tie the bag of bread, maybe, because I did it all through my childhood I'm NOW an anti bread tie person. Maybe I am rebelling on bread ties because I had to do it when I was a child.

All I know, is that if you see that bread bag is tied in a knot, it was me who grabbed the last piece of bread! And you know, I never know where those things end up. Probably end up on the floor. Oh well, what type of person are you, Bread Tie or Tie The KNOT?

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