School is just around the corner and trust, I know how crazy this time of year is. That's why I want to share five tips I've learned can make a world of difference for not only the kiddos, but us parents.

  1. Get your kids on a normal sleeping schedule. They’ve probably being staying up late and getting back to going to sleep at a normal time will definitely help them keep their energy up throughout the day.
  2. Talk about what events are coming up each week (maybe after Sunday’s dinner) so everyone is on the same page as to who needs a ride where and what things they need, like football gear or last minute projects.
  3. Visit the school your kids will be going to so they can get familiar with the layout and where you’ll be picking them or the bus will be.
  4. Lay out your kids clothes the night before school along with their backpack that has all the supplies on the list so that’ll be one less thing to think about the morning of.
  5. It’s nice to have a specific place in the house where they put their bags and school items when they get home. There isn’t much more nerve racking than tearing the house upside down looking for that one permission slip or assignment that’s due that day or tomorrow.

And being a parent of three, I know how crazy the school year can get so here are school calendars for the majority of schools across the 432.





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