There are 2 types of people in this world: those who buy lottery tickets faithfully and those who always say they want to try to win the lotto but they need to play first. When I say they buy faithfully, I mean they do not miss a Wednesday or a Saturday! (is that when the lotto is played?) Those peeps are also the ones who buy scratch-offs as well. Like every single time they hit up a convenience store, they walk out with lotto tickets in hand. 

I want to be one of those people. The ones who play lotto regularly because obviously you can't win if you don't play! I buy the occasional scratch-off but I have no clue how to do the Mega Millions or other similar games. I will hand my money to someone who knows what they are doing and say here, help a girl out. lol I just never know what to ask for is the problem. 

Well lucky for me (and my need for convenience in my life at all times) you can now play the lotto online! has got several options for the lotto lovers. Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto Texas, Texas Two Step and Cash Five are available and lottery numbers are posted here as well to check regularly and see if you are a winner. When you visit this website, it gives you choices of which lottery game you would like to purchase. Check it out for yourself here.

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