There’s A New Scam Just In Time For The Holidays
Tis the season for....scams. Unfortunately. Gosh this time of year it seems the 'scammers' are out to get everyone. I had someone recently try to charge to my credit card and thankfully I was alerted before things got out of hand but some are not so lucky.
Did You Know You Can Play The Texas Lottery Online?
There are 2 types of people in this world: those who buy lottery tickets faithfully and those who always say they want to try to win the lotto but they need to play first. When I say they buy faithfully, I mean they do not miss a Wednesday or a Saturday! (is that when the lotto is played?) Those peeps are also the ones who buy scratch-offs as well. Like every single time they hit up a convenience
How Are You Shopping In 2020?
It is December 1st omg! 24 shopping days until Christmas, the time of year when the words you see in the pic are such magical words. lol Your order has shipped. I have to admit, over the last couple of years, I have done alot more online shopping that in store shopping.
I Finally Tried What Everyone Has Been Doing
I did it! I finally gave it a shot. The order online pick up curbside thing that everyone has been doing for a very long time. lol I have a friend who literally does ALL of her shopping this way and she has been telling me this is the way to go. I thought nah it's not for me.
Online Ordering Delivery-How Is It For You?
Ok let's be real, many of us did nothing but shop ONLINE during quarantine. I did, way more than I need to admit. Amazon, some of my favorite online boutiques, exercise equipment. The crazy thing is, the delivery. I do not for the life of me understand how some places have faster delivery than others. I am an Amazon prime member...that means literally nothing right now.
Free Online Fun From Scholastic
I love that during these trying times, while families are spending more time together at home, they are also getting creative about what they do with their day. I'm really keeping an eye on other people's posts and getting ideas from other parents including this one...
If You Live In Midland-Get Your Kids Registered Online
Since we are just days away from the first day of school, it is time to prepare. I legit just registered my kids for school this morning. Online. I've had the opportunity to do this for a few years now and can I say I love it! It is so easy and convenient. Well I happened to notice this morning that Midland just implemented the very same thing, online registration and it begins today!