Check Out This Lotto Ticket!
I have to say I've never seen a lottery ticket this size in my life before this weekend!
I'm like a kid, I see something big and shiny and think 'ooooh I want one!' So $20 later I'm scratching away. What did I win you wonder?
powerball tonight
Ok so when you see it spelled out like this, it makes it that much more exciting! The Powerball has hit $700 million y'all and by the way, it is the 2nd largest amount in US history! I don't know why I don't play when it's $5 mil or even $50 mil but now that it's 'big m…
Should we do the Office LOTTO pool for the Powerball?
The big powerball is tomorrow and our office wants to  all pitch in and buy tickets. The email was sent and now we feel pressured to do it. LOL
Me and Rebecca talk about the pros and cons of doing it and why we feel pressured to do it. LOL
We talked about it below on Leo and Rebecca in the mornin…
Odessa Man Wins $1 Million Prize With Texas Lottery
For the next 2 weeks, make sure to listen to Leo and Rebecca in the Morning for your chance to win Texas Lottery scratch offs!
We will be giving lucky callers $50 worth of scratch offs from the $200 Million Payout!
People really do win. Check out this Press Release from the Texas Lottery...
Would You Rather Win The Lotto Or Find Your Soulmate?
Leo and I talked about a 'stupid survey' this morning that I just had to get input on. According to this survey, 58% of people would rather win the lottery than find their soul mate. Count me in on that one! More than half of people feel like me I'm sure, once I hit the lotto, true lo…