When school starts back up again in the fall, many parents whose children have been wearing uniforms for school for quite some time now, may no longer have to. MISD made the announcement that for the 2021-2022 school year, they will be 'waiving the dress code for some schools in Midland.'

If you are a parent who has had to struggle with searching for uniforms before school starts, along with everything else your kid needs to start a new school year, the burden may have just been lifted for you.

Fortunately none of my children have ever had to wear a school uniform but I have spoken to parents of kids who do and they say it is nothing but a hassle, plus their kids are not happy not being able to wear what they want to school.

According to Jeff Horner, executive director of secondary education, many parents and students over the years have asked for the uniformed dress code to be dropped,

"As a result, they went back, campuses went back, talked to their staff. Those that saw that observance they talked to their staff, they talked to PTA boards, PTA members, talked to parents and then made a request to the superintendent whether or not they could move away from standard attire," Horner said.

With fewer incidents of students not following the dress code in recent years, the request has been granted. For some schools....

If you have questions about your school's dress code, be sure to visit their website to find out more.
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