I know if you clicked this, you think I was probably playing but I assure you, this will be the most useless thing you read today if not your entire life. I think this gloomy weather for 3 straight days is leaving me mentally bland and uninspired. Don't get me wrong. I love this kind of weather but being west Texas born and bread, I don't think I'm mentally conditioned to not see the sun for over 72 hours.

Random tid bit of info that I learned while in Portland: The main reason that coffee shops are so popular in that part of the country, is because people constantly feel sleepy or drained due to the lack of sun so they turn to the caffeine in coffee to keep them steadily perked up....so there's that little piece of information that you'll probably never benefit in any way from knowing. That's just a thing you know now.

Hey, at least I warned you.

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