I love great movies as much as the next guy but like most people, I don't always get to see all the ones I intend to. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a preview and said, "On man! I need to see that!" only to let life happen and forget all about it. This is one of those movies.

Seven Psychopaths is a great movie for anyone who looks for action, humor, and a great plot. It also helps that I'm a huge Christopher Walken fan and this is probably one of the best Walken characters ever. I can't even tell you about the character because just saying who he is, will ruin one of the many plot twists in this amazing roller coaster of a caper. He's always been unintentionally funny on screen and in Christopher Walken's case, it is the best kind of funny.

Here's the kicker. He is one of several "main" characters including the always awesome Woody Harrelson. Check out this short clip from the movie and if you'd like to see it, I found it on HULU.

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