Here's something from the 'in case you missed it' file. The splash park from my hometown of Andrews is not currently open. Booooooo! I happen to know that people travel to Andrews, TX from around the 4-3-2, several times throughout the summer to treat their kiddos to something different. Andrews Splash Park is alot of fun...when it is open. Here's the 411....

according to the City of Andrews Facebook,  'while filling the pool with water, welds in the pools gutter system was found to be corroded, causing the pools filtering system to not function properly. To protect the health and safety of our swimmers, the pool will be closed until these issues are resolved. Contractors currently working on the pool are telling us we should be able to open the pool sometime in mid-June.'

I for one appreciate the attention to the matter and am happy they are looking out for the safety of our community and children. Take all the time you need, in my opinion. There is word however, that they are shooting for a June 15th open. I will keep you updated in the days to come.


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