This story had me really thinking today and while it's tragic in this case, it is something interesting to do.

As part of a class assignment, a 17-year-old was asked to write a letter to himself that would be delivered in 10 years. While he unfortunately passed away before then, his teacher did mail it 10 years later to his family.

It was interesting that, in his own words, he talked about what was on his mind at the time and what he thought was going to happen in the future.

It could be something interesting for you or your kids to do and while you don't have to mail it to yourself, tuck it away on top of a bookshelf or somewhere it won't be disturbed and then find it years later and see what you think.


If you don't want to wait a decade, try it for a year at first. Write it on New Year's and then read it the next new years and see if any predictions came true.


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