Stop it right now! Stop what you're doing and tell me this does not remind you of your abuela? I cannot remember the last I saw a can of these cookies! If you did not have this variety tin of 'butter cookies' growing up, did you even have a childhood?

And it was always at your abuelita's or your old, viejita tia's house. Galleta con cafesito mija? Wela straight up offering a small child coffee and cookies, something my parents rarely allowed. What happens at wela's stays at wela's. Except that galleta usually became galletas because she did not care how many I ate! I loved my wela! They came in like little cupcake or muffin paper cups and I could sit and eat 5 cups full and my wela would let me. I love her to this day for it.

However, at some point wela tricked me. I was deceived. Straight up one day I was staying with her, as I often did as a little girl and there I go looking for my sugar covered cookies. Found em, grabbed em and sat down to feast. As I opened the can, what the....?

What the needle and thread, scissors, measuring tape, pin cushion is going on here? Wela!! Where are my cookies? She was a savage with no warning. The butter cookie tin had become wela's sewing kit. And she would sometimes store her yarn for knitting it there too.

She eventually made it to the store to buy more but whew was that a close call! I was never tricked again. lol By the way, you better believe I bought these for my kids and told them my story about my beloved wela and her infamous butter cookie tin.

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